TVCs of the Week: 10 November

Who’s it for: Rebel Sport by Ogilvy & Mather NZ

Why we like it: Rebel Sport has over the last few years invested heavily in its brand advertising, producing a range of eye-catching spots far removed from the usual retail advertising fare. And it’s added to this growing collection of spots with a new summer campaign that encourages Kiwis to seize the 100 days of summer by getting active. While the spot is a visually strong, showing a montage of different summer scenes, it’s real strength lies in the use of sound effects throughout. Rather than coupling the action with a backing track, it lets the various sounds of summer—be it the stretch of tape, the slap of bikini bottoms or the tying of sneaker laces—set the scene.         

Who’s it for: Jaguar by Y&R NZ and 8 

Why we like it: Virtual reality has been singled out by various analysts as the next big thing. This might turn out to be true, but Y&R NZ and Jaguar have shown that “actual reality” still has the capacity to be just as effective at entertaining consumers. And although this isn’t a traditional TVC, the clip is entertaining and simultaneously does a good job of pointing out that the car is so incredible that it’s basically unreal.    

Who’s it for: Earthquake Commission by Y&R NZ

Why we like it: In a country where the risk posed by earthquakes is ever-present, messages telling Kiwi families to stay prepared can sometimes fall on deaf ears. For the message to hit home, it needs to connect with viewers on a personal level. And in an effort to just this, The Earthquake Commission’s latest PSA attempts to show that the smallest acts can often play a major role in averting a disaster.    

Who’s it for: Daikin by Sugar & Partners and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: Instead of following the usual heat pump route of focusing on tech, Daikin’s latest spot pulls at heartstrings of parents who want the best for their kids while simultaneously appealing to a broader market who simply want the freshest air possible. And this spot also gets bonus points for the degree of difficulty associated with producing a spot specifically designed roll out in various international markets.  

Who’s it for: Skinny by The Collective and Yuk Foo 

Why we like it: Skinny’s animated protagonist continues his walk across the country, telling people what separates its brands from all the other players in the market. The only difference this time is that he’s showing a little more skin than he normally does.    

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