Apple vs. Windows: battle of the digital assistants

The classic Mac vs PC campaign was a master-class in comparative advertising and helped cement the impression of Apple as a brand suited to those striving to be cool and Microsoft as a brand suited to those who wore cardigans. But Microsoft is fighting back with a bit of comparative advertising of its own and showing that its Cortana system is smarter than Siri. 

Not long ago, Windows was telling everyone to stop fighting and start switching. But now it’s taken the fight to Apple. 

The iPhone remains hugely important for Apple and chief executive Tim Cook believes there’s much more scope for growth in developing markets. But recent market share data shows iOS has declined while Android has grown to over 80 percent. And Windows is also on the rise, with IDC predicting its share will almost double by 2018

As Business Insider said: 

In Q4 2013, according to research firm IDC, Google’s Android mobile operating system had a 78% share of all users globally. Apple’s iOS had just 18%. Now, IDC predicts that in 2014 Android will claim 80.2% of users and only 14.8% will be on Apple’s iOS system.

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