It’s all about the eyeballs

Not many ads tend to completely steer away from showing off their product when making a 60 second TVC, but that is exactly what Leo Burnett and Canon Australia have done in the latest ad. “No One Sees It Like You…#whatdoyousee?” is the newest addition to the ‘No One Sees It Like You’ campaign.

This stunning spot is completely made up of the reflections in a group of people’s eyes (a very diverse bunch indeed), which ranges from shooting stars seen by a young child to a new born baby seen by a grandparent for the first time.

Canon is also encouraging its fans to share their photos on their Australian Facebook page with the hashtag #whatdoyousee , adding to the existing online comradery of Canon fans. 

Canon USA has taken a slightly more humorous direction in some of its work. 

Here are a couple of the other spots from the ‘No One Sees It Like You’ campaign.

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