After having a crack at Toyota, Ford takes on other brands—and the ponces who drive them—with Territory ad

Ford has been giving Toyota a bit of grief in its advertising after sales of its Ranger topped those of the Hilux last year. And now it’s taking a swipe at a few more car brands and their show pony drivers with an ad for its new Territory SUV. 

Featuring the tagline ‘Keeping NZ Real’, the ad shows a ‘real person’ coming to collect the kids in her Territory. She’s compared with those who drive other big, expensive, largely unnecessary BMW, Porsche and Mercedes SUVs. And with leopard print, white pants, big sunglasses, tight tops, big gold earrings, clean freak mums on mobile phones and naff personalised plates (‘Mon3y‘ and ‘Princss’), it appears to be a thinly veiled reference to Auckland stereotypes. Those stereotypes are generally transferrable between any city, and the ad was actually made in Australia and shot by Scott Pickett (as one YouTube commentor said: “Keeping NZ real with a real Australian TVC.” 

According to the Best Selling Cars blog, the Toyota RAV4 remained the number one selling SUV in 2014, despite sales down six percent. And the Toyota Highlander was the only other SUV in the top 25, up 146 percent to 14th. 

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