Lightbox turns to bloggers to spread the word

Spark’s subscription video on-demand (SVOD) platform Lightbox has been experimenting with some marketing avenues, through the use of bloggers and social influencers in order to support its traditional media channels.

A release from Lightbox and BloggersClub.com says Lightbox wanted to get “real people adopting, using and talking about the new SVOD platform”.

“They didn’t need more conversations about the technology – there would be plenty of that from industry commentators. Instead they needed conversations about the content the platform delivered – the shows and, most importantly, the back catalogues that gave viewers true freedom to watch what they want, when they want.” 

For the campaign, Lightbox partnered up with BloggersClub.com, an agency that matches brands with bloggers and social influencers who create authentic and engaging content and social conversations.

“BloggersClub.com set out to recruit 56 bloggers and social influencers to work on this campaign. The bloggers and social influencers were paid for their time to create the content, but the opinions and views were theirs.”

Bloggers explored and assessed Lightbox and created content and social conversations around the shows they loved most, the release says this approach was integral to ensuring each piece of content had a natural and authentic feel. 

“This content was amplified through their own social channels using paid media to extend reach to wider audiences.”

The recruited social influencers were also asked to create conversations with their fans about the content available on Lightbox, by using the hashtag “#lightboxing”.

“The result? A total of 450 conversations endorsing the Lightbox platform that didn’t come from the brand itself. Those conversations had a cumulative reach of 3.7 million, generated over 140,000 interactions and made Lightbox and BloggersClub.com finalists for multiple awards at the New Zealand Marketing Awards being held later this month.”

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