Ads of the Week: 6 March

Who’s it for: Beef + Lamb NZ by Lassoo Media

Why we like it: The original Beef + Lamb ‘Iron Maidens’ – Olympians Sarah Ulmer and Georgina and Caroline Evers-Swindell – starred in a much-loved campaign with white t-shirts and big smiles. Now, a new crop of successful and talented female Kiwi athletes – Sarah Walker, Lisa Carrington, Eliza McCartney and Sophie Pascoe – are here to take the reins. In short videos for the ‘I am proud’ campaign, each of the athletes talks about their inspirations, passions and goals, giving a nice insight into the women and their careers.

Who’s it for: Steinlager Pure by DDB

Why we like it: Radio Hauraki is infamous in New Zealand for its pioneering spirit and dedication to rock’n roll. It’s a great Kiwi tale and nice to see Steinlager Pure using it in a different way. Showing music is in the genes, it recruited Los Angeles-based DJ and television presenter Zane Lowe, son of one of the original Radio Hauraki founders, Derek Lowe. While there has been commentary from people saying they don’t know who Lowe is, Steinlager has still struck a nice note with the link between father and son and a special part of New Zealand history.

Who’s it for: Trustpower for Gunroom

Why we like it: Musical numbers can be a little awkward but Trustpower has pulled together a group of talented Kiwi musicians and made a nice tune/ad. While none are probably well-known in the mainstream, their musical ability shines through and you’ll be tapping your toes before long and singing along. Points for also making New Zealand summer look pretty damn fine.

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