Ads of the week: 4 October

Who’s it for: Sky by DDB

Why we like it: With more television being created than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the next must-watch-or-face-social-ostracism series. But with the help of a pair of adorable puppies, which serve as loose metaphor for its 100 premieres every month, Sky argues that everything viewers need can be found in one place.    

Who’s it for: AA Health Insurance by Rainger & Rolfe

Why we like it: There’s a lot to love about this heartfelt campaign for the new AA Health brand. Even those who haven’t been touched by a serious illness can appreciate the relief and joy in discovering a loved one is in remission and despite it only being 45 seconds long, the strain on the protagonist’s face clearly shows that time is a very subjective concept. 

Who’s it for: My Food Bag by Saatchi & Saatchi

Why we like it: The idea of turning your home into a restaurant adds some excitement to the otherwise routine task of cooking dinner. While the spot doesn’t go into detail about the food, the different types of instant restaurants that appear, including a gluten-free eatery, a veggie bistro and a family restaurant, shows off the variety that’s on offer by the service. It also shows how each customer can have their own unique experience despite the set weekly menus for all.

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