Can drones decorate cakes? Telia finds out

Norwegian telecoms company Telia has celebrated its 4G mobile network with a cake decorated by drones in a delightfully messy video dubbed ‘dronekakebaking’.

To create the three-tier cake, drones are seen carrying the layers of sponge to the stand, dispersing what looks like whipped cream, scattering chocolate chips, smoothing icing and firing candies.

However, it has to be questioned if humans stepped in to help with the icing, because its coverage is quite good considering the helicopter bucket style that was used for application.

To top it off, a drone carrying a blow torch is used to light the candle at the top.

As smooth as the final cut is, the making of the video was clearly a test of patience if the behind the scenes video is anything to go by.

In it, oppfinner (inventor in English) Martin Gautron explains how the drones were fitted with tools built from light materials including plastic, aluminium and oak wood. It also shows moments where things went wrong, like a drone flying a layer of sponge straight into the backdrop while another drone pops all the balloons it’s carrying.

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