Ads of the Week: 31 January

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand, created and produced by its in-house team

Why we like it: While Valentine’s Day is typically seen as a celebration of romance through champagne, flowers and chocolates, the airline’s opted to recognise that love means different things to different people. The ad jumps from scene to scene, showing (among others) a father with his new-born child, men embracing at an airport and a woman huddling in a phone booth. It’s a nice shift from the emphasis on romance to show the multitudinous nature of love.

Who’s it for: Trade Me by the in-house team and production company Wrestler 

Why we like it: Scamsters, grifters, swindlers, hustlers, cheats, conmen, sharks and good old-fashioned crooks have migrated online, taking the craftiness of the street to the screen. For an online marketplace, like Trade Me, this is obviously a pretty big problem, and the company has responded by educating users on some of the more common tactics the villainous characters of the interwebs are using. But given how quickly scams evolve, we can expect a few more clips to follow on from this one.           

Who’s it for: Samsung NZ by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: Sharing the inspirational story of sport star is nothing new, but Samsung’s decision to deliver Sarah Walker’s ode on failure is quite bold given the tough time the brand had last year. But rather than avoiding the topic, the brand is addressing it head-on and making a commitment to not stop innovating.        

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