ANZ celebrates neighbourly vibes in first TVC via FCB

Finding a stranger jumping on your trampoline would be uncomfortable for some but that’s not the case in ANZ’s new ‘Kiwi Homes’ campaign, which celebrates Kiwis’ welcoming attitudes.

Rolling out on the TV and in Facebook newsfeeds over the weekend, the 60-second video follows the development of an unexpected friendship between two kids, Fynn and Arty.

Arty discovers Flynn jumping on her trampoline and although eager to see him leave, she’s eventually swayed to join him.

Head of marketing Astrud Burgess says it’s a reflection of the way we treat our friends’ and neighbours’ homes just like our own, particularly as children.

“We think it’s a great thing that Kiwis love to welcome everyone into their homes with open arms. It’s where new relationships start and old ones grow,” she says.

Although the message about feeling at home isn’t directly related to the bank, ANZ says it supports its position as ‘New Zealand’s Home of Home Loans’.

‘Kiwi Homes’ was created by FCB and The Sweet Shop, and marks the first time the agency has developed an above-the-line campaign for the client.  

However, ANZ head of retail and brand marketing Matthew Pickering says that this doesn’t change the bank’s relationship with TBWA (which has done a significant chunk of creative work for ANZ in recent years).

“We have a longstanding relationship with FCB and have been working with the team for some time across a number of briefs,” Pickering says. 

“There is no change to our relationship with TBWA however, who continue to do the majority of our retail work. ANZ works with a number of agency partners including TBWA, PHD, Dave Clark Design, True and FCB.”

Following on from last year’s launch of Apple Pay with TBWA, ANZ have just released a new cricket-themed video for the service. The ad was created by TBWA’s team in Melbourne.

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