Ads of the Week: 29 November

Who’s it for: The Health Promotion Agency and Ministry of Health by Y&R and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: A visit from the tooth fairy, especially a sassy one, is pretty unexpected for parents, and the man’s face says it all. When he closes his eyes after he spits the toothpaste down his chin, you get a feeling for just how demeaning it is to be told what to do by a fairy. And while a fairy forcing a man to clean his teeth could be humorous, the silence and darkness in this video draws audiences in to take the message seriously.

Who’s it for: Blunt Umbrella by Motion Sickness

Why we like it: We don’t often see umbrellas being advertised. Everyone knows what they are, what they do, and there’s been very little changed to their design and function. So to see a campaign pushing an umbrella is in itself refreshing to see. The inclusion of artist Dick Frizzell and an interview about his life only adds to that, and the combination makes for an ad unlike any other we’ve seen. The beautiful shots of Frizzell working in his studio and walking in the rain, overlaid with him talking so passionately about Blunt unbrellas makes it hard not to get caught up in the Blunt Umbrella hype.

Who’s it for: ASB by Saatchi & Saatchi 

Why we like it: It’s been over a year since ASB introduced the digital elephant money box and this spot announces its availability. Even without the voice over at the end, Jimmy Cliff’s bubbly tune You Can Get It If You really Want, does the job for it. “Rome was not built in a day” he sings, and neither was Clever Kash. If this spot doesn’t get parents excited about teaching their kids how to save their money, we’re sure it’ll get the kids excited—even if it’s only over the cute elephant.

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