Ads of the week: 26 April

Who’s it for: Sony by FCB

Why we like it: This ad is more than just a video, it’s an incredible story of Macy Baez, a deaf dancer and the hero of the campaign. Her story and passion for dance provides a unique way to promote the speakers and Sony has been rewarded for its point of difference with 385,000 Facebook views and 4,400 likes in just a few days. With supporting videos giving audiences insight into Baez’ story, we wait with anticipation to see where her dancing takes her next.

Who’s it for: Fonterra by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: We like how it’s an incredibly honest ad, with good humor, showing that parenthood isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Rather than focusing entirely on the baby formula, the ad holds appeal to parents as it shows Fonterra appears to understand the challenges and joys of raising a child. 

Who’s it for: All Blacks Tours by The Gravity Bureau

Why we like it: With the All Blacks worshipped as local heroes, it’s refreshing to see the fans become the centre of attention. Hearing the fans’ experiences watching the games and then the added excitement of meeting some of the team works as a good combination to get New Zealanders hyped for the approaching rugby season. 

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