Even Putin deserves a weekend

Despite the decline in print, many still enjoy cosying up with the weekend edition of the paper on a Saturday or Sunday. It remains, in some ways, a weekly ritual, a peaceful escape from the incessant digital buzz.

Using this as its premise, Portuguese publication Jornal I has released a quirky campaign via Y&R Lisbon showing illustrated version of world leaders engaging in what appears to be their weekend rituals. Russian president Vladimir Putin is shown meditating while his nuclear weapons ominously linger in the background; Angela Merkel picks daisies; Pope Francis supports the Argentine football team; Obama spends time with his beloved dog; and Kim Jong-Un makes a snowman. 

All these illustrations are then drawn together with the clever tagline ‘Even serious news deserves weekend’, providing a tongue-in-cheek link to what the newspaper offers its readers every weekend.          

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