Ads of the week: 2 August

Who’s it for: Mercury by FCB

Why we like it: A little change of camera angle is all it took for this spot to effectively share a message of using energy wisely. The ease of biking though the cities steep streets combined with the upbeat and relaxed music all added to the appeal of ditching the car. And we can’t deny how good it would feel to turn up the power and ride pass those struggling cyclists at ease. 

Who’s it for: Destination Queenstown by One Green Bean and Engine

Why we like it: Though spring may sound like the end of the cold, this spot serves as a reminder that the winter fun doesn’t have to be over. Promotions of New Zealand destinations typically include scenery shots, however this one successful incorporates a range of Queenstown’s attractions and the activities on offer. We all know the feeling of wanting to be somewhere other than work, and watching this spot in the office made a quick airfare search very tempting.

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by True

Why we like it: Although this is only a 60-second spot, it wraps a number of stories into one, including the little girl who filled her suitcase with teddy bears, her dad who cant decide on what jumper to pack, the man who wants to make his speech perfect as well as the couple who’s wedding day it is. There’s also a touch of something a little different, with the wedding being between two mature characters rather than the typically younger characters. Smiles are contagious and you can’t help but smile at the end of this spot.

Who’s it for: Temperzone by Volom

Why we like it: It’s quite fitting that this ad about ‘hugging your home’ has a very homely feeling to it. Some heatpump campaigns are very technology focused, but this spot successfully promotes the feeling of a warm comfy house instead.

Who’s it for: Pak ‘n Save by FCB

Why we like it: It’s been a while since Paul Ego’s animated alter ego made an appearance in our weekly rundown, so it was time to rectify that. In the latest addition to Pak ‘n Save’s canon, the very slim protagonist throws a promotional bone to the Kiwi film Poi E: The Story of our Song, which tells the history behind the making of the hit song by the group Patea Māori Club. Rather than just name-dropping the film in his latest ad, Stick Man goes the extra mile by teaching viewers how to make poi out of Pak ‘n Save bags. So helpful, so thoughtful, so random.        

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