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Ray Ban has joining the customisation party with its new Remix range, which allows consumers to choose exactly what they want for their next pair of sunglasses. Through the website, users can select from a range of classic Ray Ban styles and colours (both frames and lenses), as well as engraving the frame with lettering of their choice. 

To announce the arrival of new initiative, Ray Ban collected an assortment of weird and wonderful folks to feature in a new ad, which makes the point that anyone, no matter how weird they might be, can find something they like.           

Ray Ban’s move into customisation follows on from similar moves across a broad range of industries. 

You can customise your football boots.

Amazon has launched an entire store dedicated to 3D-printed goods that can be customised.

And for those who want to look really fly while storing their essentials, you can customise your fanny pack


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