Ads of the week: 16 February

Who’s it for: Hallenstein Brothers by Lachlan McPherson & Friends, produced by CocoShoot

Why we like it: We like the epic locations that Hallenstein Brothers has been showing off in its last few campaigns, this time choosing Morocco and Dubai, opting for a desert setting. Though we’re not sure if these are the kind of locations where one would wear a tailored suit, it looks pretty swish. The brand has also harkened James Bond tropes with its use of (suited) pilot Vince Reffet soaring across the sky in a jetpack, lending a movie trailer feel leaving us eager to learn more.

Who’s it for: NZ Rugby by Sugar & Partners

Why we like it: Pretty much anything Parris Goebel is involved with turns to gold. It’s always going to be upbeat, fun and include her ridiculously talented squad of dancers. We like how this clip doesn’t appear to be marketed mainly towards men (as can often be the case with rugby ads) but a female audience too. It’s also refreshing to see the players letting loose, cutting some shapes and not taking themselves too seriously.

Who’s it for: ANZ by Whybin\TBWA Auckland

Why we like it: And Parris Goebel strikes again. Once we might have said that this is a fun and interesting ad for a bank, but banking ads don’t ever seem to be too serious or boring anymore. ANZ has used Goebel’s talents in a very clever way, by getting her to do what she does best, while also creating exposure for an aspiring young musician (and of course, the ANZ brand).

Who’s it for: MediaWorks, created internally

Why we like it: We like that MediaWorks has taken a different direction to its more cheesy, Mills and Boon approach for the previous season’s ad. The spot creates a sense of mystery and intrigue with its slow pace and ethereal cover of Elvis’s ‘All Shook Up’. And we’re sure this ad, along with media speculation on who this mysterious bachelor might be, will be more than enough to get many curious eyeballs tuned in for the show’s first episode. 

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