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Do you want to travel through space? Well NASA might not be ready for that yet, but its latest works of art might have you thinking otherwise.

A new range of posters from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory offer a window to the future with visions of spaces greatest tourist attractions.

With all 14 offering a virtual trip into an alien world, JPL says the posters “envision a day when the creativity of scientists and engineers will allow us to do things we can only dream of now”.

Experience a “once in a lifetime getaway” with trips to Jupiter, Saturn Uranus and many others every 175 years or book a trip to Venus, voted the best place in the solar system to watch the mercury transit. Where ever you go, make sure you stop off at the dwarf planet Ceres first, it’s the last chance for water before Jupiter.

The posters were created by The Studio at JPL, a design strategy team that works with JPL scientists and engineers to visualize and depict complex science and technology topics. Their work is used in designing space missions and in sharing the work of NASA/JPL with the public.

In keeping with that, the posters can be downloaded and printed for free at: http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/visions-of-the-future/

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