Ads of the week: 13 September

Who’s it for: New World by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: It’s nice to see that New World has moved on from Little Shop to Little Garden, a much more environmentally-friendly option. It’s also a great way to get kids outside, which is the basis for this TVC, where kids are planting their seeds, watering them and waiting patiently for them to grow.

Who’s it for: Noel Leeming by FCB and Fish and Clips

Why we like it: Noel Leeming is continuing its focus on customer service by telling the story of a young woman being taught how to benefit from her Fitbit after her boyfriend gifts it to her and she has no idea how to use it. The ad uses humour and a nice short, sharp story arc to show off what Noel Leeming says it does best.

Who’s it for: Slingshot by Track

Why we like it: Despite the internet being a boundless universe of information and entertainment, sometimes you do feel like you’ve run out of things to look up or do. And Slingshot has used this concept to draw attention to its ultra-fast broadband offering for the first time, where the family in the clip has no choice but to live-stream the dog.  

Who’s it for: Westpac by DDB

Why we like it: Budgeting can be tricky, particularly if you’re living in an expensive city like Auckland where there is a lot to spend your money on. But every dollar spent, is one less dollar saved and this spot for Westpac’s budgeting app makes a clever word association with Coffee and Fiji, adapted to Coff-Fiji to remind us that it’s often those mindless every day purchases that ultimately drain our balance.

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