AA Insurance reviews its agency options—UPDATED

AA Insurance, which has been with Special Group for around three and a half years, has put the creative business up for pitch, with the incumbent, DDB and one other agency thought to be among the contenders.

Brand and marketing manager Melodie Vickars, who has been in the position for more than four years (and has been with AA Insurance for around 11 years) was unable to be contacted. And neither DDB or Special Group would comment on the process while it was ongoing. 

UPDATE: Vickars says there was no real catalyst for the pitch and it was under no obligation to review its partners after a certain amount of time as some clients are, but she said “four years can be a long time in marketing” and it was just good business practice to “review who we were working with”. 

She says the pitch involves creative, direct and media. 

After conducting an extensive brand research and review project, AA Insurance and Special launched the ‘Let’s Get Things Sorted’ brand campaign in 2012 with a big 90 second ad that aimed to show some of the positive aspects of insurance (Twenty won the below the line business at around the same time as Special, and Starcom is its media agency). 

And the brand has continued down that track over the past few years with some solid creative work that has maintained the music and the British voiceover from the original brand ad.  

AA Insurance is a joint venture between the NZ Automobile Association and Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited, which is part of the Suncorp Group. It launched in 1994 and has over 320,000 customers and around 580,000 car, home and contents policies. The business is thought to be performing well (its parent company Suncorp increased profits in New Zealand by 64 percent this year) and the brand appears to be in pretty good shape (it has been named the most trusted insurer by Reader’s Digest for the past five years). 

AA Life is a separate division of AA’s multi-pronged business and that account is handled by Rainger & Rolfe, which bestowed a couple of talking yellow sheep on the nation early this year. The agency is also thought to have won AA Traveller, which has recently been rebranded from AA Travel, from Contagion. 

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