Afraid of the dark?

Are you afraid of the dark? Lynx Pitch Black has taken its campaign all the way by turning out the lights at a Seekae concert.

Audiences were delivered a sensory overload despite the loss of vision as CO2 cannons, interactive dancers, UV bubble machines and curtains of confetti came alive in the dark. The experience was captured on night-vision cameras by Exit Films, in partnership with Vice’s music channel Noisey.

In a release director Christopher Hill said, it was exciting working on something that was in essence extremely unpredictable.

“I really wanted to maintain that feeling of delving into the unknown. We didn’t know how the audience was going to react. The end result seems to walk a fine line between reality and fantasy.

“The night-vision cameras we used were for military use and work by amplifying available and infra-red light. These had raw and voyeuristic connotations that really seemed creepy and made us feel like we were looking at something we weren’t suppose to be seeing,” Hill said.

Putting a crowd in the dark was a concept born from Lynx’s current ‘Lynx Black’ campaign which champions the idea of stripping things back to their purist form. Dialing down the audience’s senses allowed Seekae’s sound alone own the moment, and a greater audio experience to be had.

An article by Science Daily suggests that blind people are better at localizing sound and may better differentiate between sound frequencies.

But the lights out concert was a first and last for Seekae according to member Alex Cameron.

“Lynx Pitch Black was a singular experience for us as a band. Playing in total darkness, even with night-vision goggles, we found ourselves relying on instinct and touch to execute the performance. There’s no preparing for that kind of thing. It was odd, and a lot of fun.”

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