As 2013 BOTAB looms, 2012 winners Friends Electric release new single, change name, give local ’70s classic the Krautrock treatment

As part of last year’s Battle of the Ad Bands, the winning band, Barnes Catmur & Friends’ Friends Electric, ate the 50 gallons of personalised ice cream and drove the Audi slightly above the speed limit. They were also given a recording session at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios and had a music video filmed. So, as the industry gears up for this year’s musical showdown tonight at the Kings Arms, what better time to reveal the fruits of that labour. 

Barnes Catmur’s Friends Electric finally swapped their guitars for synthesisers, their Bowie and Iggy records for Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder, and re-emerged as Friends Electronic with their new single BM2N. 

“What can I say, they’re going through their Berlin period,” says the band’s manager and bouncer Paul Catmur.

The band will not, however, be appearing live in their electronica incarnation as yet.

“We haven’t figured out how to plug it all back in again,” confessed Daniel Barnes. “Maybe next year.”

 Keep an eye out for the full, moody music video, coming soon courtesy of Flying Fish. Until then, here’s a teaser.

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