An app of two halves: Kiwibank targets the whole businessperson

Kiwibank has added business functionality to its consumer mobile banking app in an offering that lets users switch between accounts when they’re using mobile banking.

“We’ve designed it based on feedback from actual business owners and managers about the things they need to do to run their business when away from a computer, says head of business banking Mark Stephen. “This is real mobile banking, not just your normal online banking squeezed onto a small screen.”

The most common activities are account transfers, checking transactions across multiple accounts and approving payments, Stephen says.

“The business functionality was added to the consumer app to give one application that covers all customer needs. Because of their differing needs business customers see a slightly different user interface, in line with our internet banking experience. They are able to view all their accounts for personal and business (including multiple businesses) and switch between all within the one app.”

The app was created by Kiwibank’s in house customer experience and digital delivery team, along with design partner Springload. It’s been released for Android and iOS devices.

Stephen wouldn’t reveal the number of downloads, but says it’s exceeded expectations. He says the proportion of Kiwibank business customers using banking online via browsers and via mobile devices is commercially sensitive, but says the bank sees a continued trend towards mobile device use among customers.

Kiwibank says over the next few weeks the app’s authorisation system will also be able to be set up to notify owners when payments need to be approved.

The app also allows users to look at foreign exchange rates, view and approve transfers, batch, multiple and international payments. Business owners that have multiple businesses, as well as accounts for trusts, can use the app to look across all those accounts without logging in and out, the bank says.

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