Radio results: five winners, four losers and three core themes from the final survey of the year

We look at the ups, downs and trends for the final radio survey of the year.


The Stoppies 2017: all the winners revealed The Stoppies 2017: all the winners revealed

A rundown of those who walked home with a treasured doorstop last night.


Raw, direct and considered: editor Frances Morton on how Vice carves its space in New Zealand media

As the Vice New Zealand team gear up to celebrate Viceland’s first year on Sky and all the work that’s been put in to have ...

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Mind the footpath: Energi talks brand strategy and customer-centricity

Humans are not always rational. And the team at Energi believes the challenge for modern marketers is to plan for that irrationality.


What you see isn't always what you get: a look at digital advertising's growing PR problem

With viewability rates as low as 40 percent on supposedly trustworthy local sites, rampant ad fraud costing marketers billions and ads being served alongside objectionable ...

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Keeping it together: how brands can keep their messages cohesive

In a world where there’s an agency for everything, Insight Creative’s CEO and strategy director Steven Giannoulis offers a possible solution to the challenge of ...

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Reputation, resiliency and results

The Ipsos Global Reputation Centre recently undertook a massive study of the reputation of more than 100 of the world’s largest companies to examine the ...


A drunken party to a red carpet event: the evolution of the VNZMAs

While Lorde, SWIDT, Teeks, Devilskin and Stellar took to the stage to perform for the crowds in Spark Arena and at home on the couch, ...


'You don’t change packaging lightly': Gregg's spices up its look

Ill-conceived packaging rebrands have been known to cost brands millions in lost revenue. So, why is Gregg's taking the risk by changing the look of ...


Natural born swindlers? The murky world of ad buying

With rebates, questionable digital dealings and measurement issues plaguing media agencies over the last year, Damien Venuto delves into the murky world of media buying ...


TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards 2017: Joan Withers enters TVNZ Marketing Hall of Fame

All the world’s most successful people tend to make their own luck. And through a combination of talent and tenacity, Joan Withers has become very ...

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