The Future of Business: Fairfax Media launches a new event series

“May you live in interesting times” or so the saying goes. Well, there’s certainly never been a more ‘interesting’ time to be in business. Add to that ‘exciting’, ‘uncertain, ‘anything-could-happen’, ‘seat-of-the-pants’ and ‘roller-coaster’.

As part of Fairfax Media’s continued investment in the events space, the company is about to launch its own branded series of business talks and workshops. Fairfax is confident its Future Of Business series will have a unique point of view and provide fresh and valuable insights for local business people, struggling to find their feet in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Fairfax Media’s chief marketing officer Campbell Mitchell says: “For us, the future of business is now. Our industry is unique, so we must be too, and we realise there are lots of businesses trying to embrace similar challenges shifts. We are in fast moving –  but incredibly exciting – times.”

The future of business series, Mitchell says, is about helping New Zealand businesses continue to thrive by sharing insights and inspiration from visionary speakers, who have been at the heart of disruption.

“In theory, the growth of new platforms and channels have made the job of businesses reaching their audiences easier, but to do it effectively and seamlessly it’s never been more complex. ”

Fairfax head of customer solutions Pip Simeon says “the aim of the series is for participants to walk away inspired to create their own opportunities, to improve their reach and connection with customers.”

“We want to bring business people together to share ideas, learn from each other and hear from a world-class line-up of inspiring speakers – people who have innovated and succeeded in disruptive industries”, she says.

They include Paul Stafford from the UK and US design agency DesignStudio, who were responsible for the creation of AirBnB’s brand identity. He’ll be exploring how AirBnB developed its unique position and voice and created deep connections with a global audience.

He’ll be joined by Shana Inge from Twitter Australia. Content is a popular area to play in, but few are getting right. Shana will be sharing her insights into creating more engaging content.

As well as international guests, Fairfax will be drawing on it’s key in-house experts to tackle topics like native advertising – a growth channel everyone’s heard of, but very few fully understand.

Events are free to attend and being held at the Hotel Pullman Auckland. The workshops will be held at the Auckland Skycity convention centre with the exception of a Digital Marketing workshop in Wellington this month. However, future series will see events shared around the main city centres, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in the coming months.

More details on the event schedule and online bookings are available here.

This story is part of a content partnership with Fairfax Media.

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