Ads of the week: 26 July

Who’s it for: Vodafone by FCB and Curious Films

Why we like it: Vodafone put its network to ultimate test in a hair-raising stunt, featuring Red Bull drifter Mad Mike Whiddett. At one point during the clip, Whiddet says, “I feel like I’m in a game” and we’re pretty sure that wasn’t what Vodafone executive sitting next to him wanted to hear. It was a risky move by Vodafone, but thankfully the stream didn’t stutter and both Whiddett and his willing-by-contractual-obligation passenger made it out without a terrible case of whiplash.   

Who’s it for: Women’s Refuge NZ by Double Fish and Farmer Clark

Why we like it: This powerful spot is basically the static electricity of advertising because of the way it makes the hair on your arms and the back of your neck stand up. From the moment Temuera Morrison punches his palm, the impact of domestic violence is viscerally relayed to the viewer and the line ‘hearing that smack, it kind of gives them a buzz’ reverberates in the consciousness. The real strength of this piece lies in Morrison’s ability as a storyteller. The way he brings the issue to light haunts the viewer long after the clip ends.        

Who’s it for: Countdown by Ogilvy

Why we like it: This spot is a little trip down memory lane and a reminder we will never grow out of grabbing snacks from the fridge. We doubt the young girl could have imagined a fridge that allows users to order their groceries from it. While the idea of it sounds amazing, we see a danger in ordering food at the whim of a midnight craving.

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