Consulting CEO Duncan Arthur takes on four KPEX myths

As is often the case with the introduction of a new offering, KPEX has been greeted with several misconceptions relating to what it brings to the local market. So we asked KPEX’s Duncan Arthur to address some of the myths that have emerged since KPEX was formed late last year.    

Myth: KPEX is a remnant play for its publishers

Arthur: “KPEX gives its publishers an alternative channel for monetising the same quality inventory that they sell directly. By working together they can create broader opportunities and increased value for their advertisers.”

Myth: KPEX inventory is expensive

Arthur: “The exchange works as an auction, so the price you pay is determined by how you and your competitors bid, and obviously it’s the competition for each impression sold that pushes up the price. I think most buyers will find they can access premium inventory very cost-effectively through KPEX, with the added assurance that their brand is appearing alongside quality content. And that’s before you start rationalising the cost efficiencies gained by buying programmatically. At the end of the day you will get what you pay for: if you want the cheapest media around then a lower bid on a rival platform might secure you an impression but the real cost to the brand may be more than you bargained for.”

Myth: The publishers control KPEX

Arthur: “We are an independent entity. Operational responsibility sits firmly within KPEX, not the publishers. KPEX decides the go to market approach; pricing; products and so on. The main involvement of our founding publishers is to continue to supply us with quality inventory and we can seek advice from some of their talent when we need to.”

Myth: You can select inventory from specific publishers in KPEX

Arthur: “When you come to us, you buy KPEX, you don’t buy the specific brands. Although those brands are behind KPEX, you don’t necessarily know exactly where your ad is going to run within that mix of KPEX inventory. You just know that an impression is going to be served that meets your requirements. You don’t know specifically which publisher is going to serve up that impression.
The difference is that you know your ad is going to run within this controlled list.”

  • This content was produced as part of a content partnership with KPEX. 
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