More Kids? Mercury Energy gets a young perspective on power—UPDATED

Mercury Energy has turned up the cute factor in a new campaign with FCB, featuring a collection of kids with some pretty zany ideas.   

Imaginations run wild as the kids are asked ‘what would you do if power was free?’, to promote the power company offering its consumers one day of free energy. 

A giant chocolate shop and candyland are suggested with one boy’s dream coming true as Mercury set up bumper carts in his back yard after he asked for a giant remote-control race car track.

While kids imagine a wonderland out of a day of free power, executive creative director at FCB New Zealand Tony Clewett says the answers wouldn’t have been quite so inspirational if the parents, aka the bill players, were asked the same thing. Instead he says practical things, like a week’s worth of laundry, would be the likely answers.

“We decided to ask those who would have fun with it – the kids. Being able to bring one of their ideas to life was a great illustration of the possibilities of a free day of power, and it was good fun too, kids living on the same street came out to join in the excitement, which was a great end to an entertaining shoot.”

Mercury is not the first and won’t be the last to look at issues from a child’s perspective, with NZ Get Thru, Contact Energy with JWT and more recently Beef & Lamb New Zealand with TVNZ Blacksand also putting kids in front of the camera.   

As an added bonus of the use kids in ads, we look forward to the abundance of ‘You won’t believe what happened to these Kiwi child stars’ lists that will no doubt emerge a decade or so from now.

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