No hangi instructions?

Tasty Pot Co., which creates apparently nutritious, microwavable meals, has just released new packaging that gives you all the information about the product you need, including cooking instructions. But for some weird reason, it doesn’t seem to have finished the instructions for how to hangi your meal. StopPress investigates.

The back of the label starts off reasonably traditionally. After being told how to microwave the product (yes, some people still have trouble with this, it seems), the text moves on to how to cook the product on the stove.

“Stove: Pour contents into saucepan. Cover and slowly bring to a simmer over a low to medium heat, stirring frequently until heated through”. Yup, classic stuff.

Then, and we were rather disappointed by this, it moves on to how to hangi, but unfortunately offers no instructions except for “Good luck”.

Maybe we like the taste of a plastic encased microwavable meal once it’s been smoking underground for several hours? Mmmm, that tasty BPA.

But really, though, it’s nice to see a brand with a bit of a sense of humour (Pic’s Peanut Butter also has some surprise poetry included on its labels). And on a side note, how cool is its website? StopPress has a place in its heart for good/bad websites.

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