Year in Review: Toby Talbot

After leaving DDB for a stint in the UK, Toby Talbot stayed true to his word and returned to New Zealand, where he and Todd McLeay had the industry frothing at the mouth when they took over the Whybin\TBWA reins from David Walden and Andy Blood. Here’s what it looks like inside his brain. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

NZI ‘Devil’s chair’. Great storytelling. Faultless execution. And it’s in the boring insurance category too. Respect.

Runner up: Tui Beer Tap. 

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

I guess our Effie’s ‘Results Don’t Lie’ campaign tickled me the most. If only because it demonstrated what bloody good sports there are in our industry and why I’m so stoked to be working here again.

3) Least favourite campaign

‘Fisher & Lurpak’. Too close for comfort to W&K London’s iconic campaign. It’s a pity when this happens here. 

4) Your own biggest success

Without doubt, building on the legacy of a great agency by surrounding ourselves with a great new team (more of whom to be revealed in the new year). 

5) Most impressive performance

James Mok strapped to a polygraph machine.

6) Biggest move

It doesn’t compare with Gareth Bale’s move to Real Madrid, but Todd and I partnering up here felt pretty big in the moment!

7) Best innovation

ASB Like Loan. Simple. Democratic. Fun.

8) Best brands

All Blacks. Every other brand here, or anywhere else in the world come to think of it, pales by comparison.

9) Best stoush

There’s enough gossip in this industry without adding to it.

10) Heroes

Antonio at Saatchis in ‘that’ video. What exactly is a ‘funk hole’? Actually, I don’t want to know.

11) Villains

See question seven.

12) Most memorable marketing moment 

“VW dumps DDB”. That’s one hell of a legacy they’ve walked away from. May the ghost of Ebenezer Bernbach haunt those responsible this Christmas.

13) A few predictions for 2014 

Hopefully, the beginning of the end of the ‘dog & pony show’ pitch. More agencies should refuse to do full creative pitches. It’s cripplingly expensive and a bit of a joke really at the industry’s expense. ‘Creds, strat and a good chat’. That should be plenty enough to go on if you’re choosing an agency partner.

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