The Year in Review: John Baker

John Baker has helped bring a degree of collegiality and a sense of purpose to the Magazine Publishers Association in his role as chair and he’s riding the content marketing wave as a publisher at Tangible Media. Here’s his take on the year. 

1. Favourite campaign

Marisco Vineyards magazine campaign in Dish. Beautifully shot and styled. Old fashioned evocative craft AND effective based on research.

2. Least favourite campaign

2degrees. I find Rhys Darby really annoying. It’s no doubt been very effective though.     

3. Your own biggest success

Growing our content marketing business in terms of billings and client success.

4. Most impressive performance

Magazines in general. They keep defying the self-interested naysayers in terms of consumer engagement and commercial revenues.   

5. Biggest move

Bauer’s move on NZ Magazines.

6. Best innovation

EPL Premiere League Pass. Shame the experience was a bit shabby 

7. Best brands – Garage Project and No. 8 Wired. 

8. Best stoush

Anthony Gardiner versus the rest on StopPress earlier this year

9. Heroes

Journalists. The glimpses we are starting to see of a world without independent journalism is chilling.

10. Villains

NZ On Air

11. Most memorable marketing moment

Oracle 9 – Team NZ 8

12. A few predictions for 2014

Growth of IPTV and with it more niche content options. Bring on the UFB.

Growth of owned media and content as a demand driver, particularly in retail. 

Further commoditisation of mainstream media and traditional advertising.

A welcome rebound in client investment in creative and original ideas.

A Labour government bringing some relief, particularly to Wellington advertising and design agencies.

The abolition of the media commission regime starts to gets traction. 

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