Year in Review: The Nicks

It’s been a stonker of a year for Colenso BBDO, with eight out of nine pitch wins, a record year in terms of revenue and a number of big award wins. Nick Garrett and Nick Worthington share their thoughts. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours 

Tui beer plumber. 

2) Favourite campaign that is yours 

BNZ’s the ‘Journey of the Coin’ and Samsung’s ‘Smartphone Line’.

3) Least favourite campaign 

It’s bloody hard to produce good work so this year we will take the 5th.

4) Your own biggest success 

The chance to work with more amazing and inspiring clients than ever before and we are very grateful for their support.

5) Most impressive performance 

Volkswagen Polo winning the World Rally Championship. Here’s to the little guys.

6) Biggest move  

BNZ, from fourth to first in “the bank most people would consider moving to”.

7) Best innovation 

Coming soon.

8) Best brands


9) Best stoush

Saatchi v Nigella, Greenpeace v Anadarko     

10) Heroes

Sandy Moore, someone who has given so much to the industry.

11) Villains 

Stolen Rum for stealing our CFO.

12) Most memorable marketing moment 

Someone jumping from space for the No 2 energy drink in New Zealand.

11. A few predictions for 2014 

Mainly sunny with occasional showers.

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