The Year in review: Wendy Rayner

As the numbers of obese New Zealanders increase, the heat on drink manufacturers increases with it. And, whether you see it as lip service or legitimate, Coca-Cola responded with a campaign showing the steps it was taking to address the issue and, more recently, the launch of Move60, which aims to get Kiwis exercising. Wendy Rayner, who’s been in the role of general manager of marketing at Coca-Cola Amatil for just over a year, shares her thoughts on 2013. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Tasti. Love the Kiwi classics and voting system behind those included in the ad.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

New Pump campaign which launched in November. A new way of making digital: no shoot, no talent fees. Just real Pump drinkers filming their day on iPhones via a rig attached to their bottle.

3) Least favourite campaign

Sorry, but I hate the Lindauer Boys Night In campaign. It’s just not about the boys, even for sympathy!

4) Your own biggest success

Whittaker’s L&P Chocolate. A great fusion of Kiwi brands that got New Zealand talking—and buying a lot of chocolate and L&P.

5) Most impressive performance

Financial returns of the banks. 

6) Biggest move

Mr McLeay joining forces with Toby Talbot and taking on the ad world. 

And Fonterra’s new milk bottles. Doh!

7) Best innovation

Whittaker’s L&P chocolate.

8) Best brands


9) Best stoush

I ignore all that crap.

10) Heroes

Nelson Mandela.

11) Villains

Len Brown

12) Most memorable marketing moment 

…. Can’t think of one!

13. A few predictions for 2014

We will stop talking about ‘big data’, ‘digital’ and ‘e … anything’ and fully integrate them into all our thinking and the marketing principles apply across all branding, comms etc. 

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