Year in Review: Sarah, Sam and Toni, The Hits

1. Favourite local campaign that isn’t yours

Sarah: Rainbow Youths’ ‘If it’s not gay, it’s not gay‘ ad campaign. It was so on point, the haters didn’t get it!

Sam: The on-going entertainment provided by John and Adrian at Magnus Benrow who just provide me endless giggles on the way to work in the morning. They never grow old.

Toni: Lotto’s Imagine campaign! I loved it because it was aspirational and it really had that sense of how life can change in an instant!

2. Favourite campaign that is yours

Sarah: Sam’s Sperm health check – I loved it because we don’t talk about fertility issues enough, and it got a great conversation started… plus we got to dress Sam up as a giant sperm and he really took one for the team!

Sam: Vitamenz Fertility Health – when I was forced by Toni and Sarah to have a sperm test at while a film crew waited on outside. Only to return 12 minutes later, flushed, mildly embarrassed, and with—like my school career—an average score.

Toni: I loved The Hits association with Little Garden! It felt like while it was still advertising it was really educational and, socially responsible, and planting and growing my own produce was such an awesome thing to share with my kids.

3. Favourite international campaign

Sarah: David Jones Christmas Ad – because my husband edited it!

Sam: I really liked that online campaign that Nespresso did with the America’s Cup. Mostly because they sent me to Bermuda, where Dark and Stormy’s are the basis of the daily staple diet.

Toni: The Royals Mental Health Campaign, it was so refreshing to see an institution like that open up to such an important everyday issue.

4. Least favourite campaign

Sarah: Act’s 2017 political campaign

Sam: The worst campaign, by far, and by worst I mean best, is Spray & Walk Away.

Toni: Pepsi’s debacle using the worst combination in the world – Kendall Jenner & Black Lives Matter #facepalm.

5. Your own biggest success

Sarah: Surviving a year of 4am wakeups! My first year of the breakfast shift.

Sam: 12 minutes at the sperm check clinic for Vitamenz Fertility Health.

Toni: Successfully juggling two full-on jobs in TV and radio!

6. Most significant launch/innovation/thing of the year

Sarah: Jacinda Ardern!

Sam: Village Kitchen – as much as I love My Food bag, having an entire meal cooked for you is pretty awesome when you work 2 jobs. They’re healthy, delicious and delivered to your door daily.

Toni: iRobot Roomba! My automatic vacuum cleaner that cleans on its own – it’s doing my house now and I’ve just bought one for mum and dad for Christmas! This thing is next level.

7. What should be un-invented?

Sarah: Harvey Weinstein.

Sam: Health and fitness bloggers that aren’t experts. Sit down, shut up.

Toni: Twitter – it’s nasty and vile and needs to go. #instarules.

8. Lamest trend

Sarah: Harvey Weinstein.

Sam: Everyone who is finding mindfulness and becoming a yoga instructor.

Toni: LOL dolls – the little dolls that pee and spit. So much packaging for so little pay off at the end!

9. Best brands

Sarah: New, Spanking, and Russell.


  • Nespresso because I start work at 4am
  • Mercedes goes mainstream
  • Fitbit is a game changer
  • Adidas is cooler than Nike
  • Everyone is wearing Lululemon, including grown men

Toni: Air New Zealand. And I’m loving Seed at the moment! And Samsung’s latest Note 8.

10. Best stoush

Sarah: New Zealand vs Mike Hosking

Sam: Mike Hosking vs the left.

Toni: Jacinda Ardern vs The AM Show

11. Heroes

Sarah: Zoe Bell – she’s strong, fierce, a babe, and she loves a beersie! 

Sam: Rocket Lab. New Zealand joins the space race.

Toni: Nadia Lim – because she manages to do it all and still stay so delightful.

12. Villains

Sarah: Harvey Weinstein et al.

Sam: Cars running on batteries.

Toni: Harvey Weinstein.

13. What died in 2017?

Sarah: My cat Olly.

Sam: Sticky TV. Sad because it’s a show that set me on my way. A show dedicated to empowering children.

Toni: Frozen – my girls were all about it but now it doesn’t even get a mention!

14. What’s the biggest mistake marketers will make in 2018?

Sarah: Asking me for marketing advice.

Sam: Underestimating video content. The idea that because it’s online it doesn’t have to hold the same level of quality.

Toni: Relying too heavily on social media influencers – because so many influencers just continuously push products, which ends up diluting the message. 

15. What’s the most Black Mirror/ sci-fi horror thing likely to happen in the near future?

Sarah: Donald Trump’s continued presidency

Sam: Neural lace… brains connected to computers! Self-driving cars killing us all.

Toni: Trump.

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