The year in review: Wendy Rayner

Instant Kiwi’s ‘Believe it or Not’ and Lotto’s ‘Lucky Dog’ (which is close to reaching the 500,000 views mark on YouTube) were two of the year’s favourite campaigns. And the Scratchy Bus was pretty damn cool too. Thanks DDB and Wendy Rayner, NZ Lotteries’ head of marketing.

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Youtube VideoI like the new Telecom ‘Sunrise, Sunset’ ad. It takes the brand back to ‘connection’, where it should be. I also have to congratulate Tower for salvaging their campaign. I love it much more now that the wife likes her husband.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Youtube Video

Youtube VideoThat’s a hard one. Dancing masses versus a cute dog. “Wilson” wins by a nose.

3) Least favourite campaign

Personally I hate some of the Xmas retail chain work that shouts at the consumer.

4) Best brand

That’s a hard one. As a marketer, Air New Zealand is still the innovation benchmark. As a consumer I love Mi Piaci … because I just love shoes.

5) Best stoush

Telecom, 2 degrees and the Hyperfactory at the last Marketing Association event.

6) Heroes

Wilson the dog of course!

7) Villains

Hmm, I think I’ll decline to answer that one.

8) Most memorable marketing moment

Old spice guy. Love it. What a way to reinvent a brand.

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