Stella Artois—on ice

Youtube VideoAt a time when cringey Christmas e-cards and PR naffery come thick and fast, it’s nice to see something that doesn’t make you want to scratch your eyes out. The latest Stella Artois retro fest to hit New Zealand screens, ‘She is a thing of beauty’ by Mother London, is a gem. And the “customised musical e-card” viral Une Superproduction Musicale that’s been released for the festive season is too. It’s part of a digital campaign to build on Stella Artois’ heritage as a premium beer originally crafted for Christmas and the vid has a retro ice-skating theme, self-deprecatingly crappy lyrics, a weird looking frontman and a personalised message from the sender to the recipient that can be sent via email or Facebook. Check it out here. We can only hope a southern hemisphere version is made next year.

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