The year in review: James Hurman

Colenso BBDO has had another stellar year, with a swag of awards—both for creativity and effectiveness— and a growing international reputation. Planning director James Hurman, who passionately believes that creatively focused leadership and creative advertising leads to business success, has played a big part in that. And here’s his take on 2010.

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

DraftFCB’s work for the Ministry of Health on the Depression Initiative remains unmatched in the social marketing space. I thought  ‘The Journal’ work was a new benchmark for them.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Youtube VideoThe relaunch of DB Export was such an enjoyable project thanks to an amazing brand history that we had the rare opportunity to bring to life for the first time. We really are on the shoulders of giants with that one, and if you haven’t tried the beer then you should. Our dads had it pretty sweet.

3) Least favourite campaign

Youtube VideoThe only words I can find to describe the ANZ work are those a friend of a friend once used in an unflattering book review: “This is an ugly campaign, and should be approached only with a stick.”

4) Best brand

Stolen Rum. Who? You’ll see.

5) Best stoush

NZ Herald vs Slingshot (and chief executive Scott Page) was interesting. After a frustrating call centre experience, the Herald‘s chief reporter published the chief exec’s phone number and encouraged people to call it with their own service issues. I called it, um, accidentally. I didn’t get through, but I got a really forthcoming text back soon after asking how he could help. It felt like a temper tantrum from the Herald (who should really consider their own product if they’re concerned about peoples’ time being wasted) and a composed response from Page.

6) Heroes

Special Group.

7) Villains


8) Most memorable marketing moment

It’s a difficult choice between XT’s moment of failure, memorable for all the wrong reasons, and the Skycouch’s moment of unveiling, memorable for all the right ones.

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