The Year in Review: Clare Morgan

Clare Morgan, the general manager of marketing at DB Breweries, has been busy ‘inspiring good times’ in 2010, presiding over a massive refresh of the DB Export family, the launch of a new ultra premium beer called Monteith’s Single Source and the efforts to leverage Heineken’s Rugby World Cup sponsorship. And here’s what piqued her interest in the world of marketing this year.

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Youtube VideoNike’s ‘Write the Future’ soccer campaign. Who really did have the sponsorship of the FIFA world cup?

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Youtube VideoDB Export campaign. It is brave and step changes the brand. The strategic thinking that went into the new positioning was ground-breaking and the fact it is integrated from packaging right through to above the line delivers the story at all levels. The process was a great collaboration between agency and client.

3) Least favourite campaign

Youtube VideoASB Goldstein wrap up TVC. He had been a friend in the homes of New Zealanders for ten years and then got rejected and sent back to the USA. I wanted to know more.

4) Best brand

2degrees. A credible challenger to the duopoly of Telecom and Vodafone.

5) Best stoush

Air New Zealand with the NZ Listener

6) Heroes

Outside of our brands Heineken, Tui, DB Export and Monteith’s, the honor goes to Air New Zealand.

7) Villains

Cadbury and Tip Top for not being upfront with consumers. Cadbury with ingredients and pack size, and Tip Top with pack size.

8) Most memorable marketing moment

DB winning ‘Champion Brewery of the Year’ at the Brew NZ 2010 Awards. For DB, receiving this accolade was acknowledgment of the effort the team makes to brew great beers.

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