The Year in Review: Alex Erasmus

He’s one of the main brains behind Social Media Junction, he co-founded Media Mingle, Social Media Club Auckland and the marketing-related Twitter discussion #markchat, and he’s one of those rare creatures, a man working in PR. So here’s what floated—and sank—the boat of Bullet PR’s Alex Erasmus this year. 1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Youtube VideoWhitcoull’s 3M Post-It note experiential for Mother’s Day. Creative, relevant, cost-effective idea that demonstrated the power of well-executed experiential.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Contiki and House of Travel’s ‘mixandmatcher’ Facebook campaign. Over 35,000 entries over 14 days, which resulted in sales uplift and increased Facebook page numbers for both Contiki and House of Travel.

3) Least favourite campaign

Anything involving the Sky Tower. The idea has to be good before you think about execution.

4) Best brand

Mac’s beers and bars. Individual, yet appeals to a wide demographic.

5) Best stoush

The NZGirl.co.nz ‘Our Favourite Breasts’ debate. The NZGirl team presented themselves very well in the face of misguided naysayers.

6) Heroes

Damon O’Leary and Ben Pegler at Ogilvy for driving L&P’s creative over the last couple of years. Top work.

7) Villains

Whoever wrote the abysmally punctuated copy (and whoever signed it off for that matter) for Jetstar’s billboard that read: “Use it. Pay for it. Don’t. Don’t. It’s called choice.”

8) Most memorable marketing moment

Social Media Junctions 1 and 2. I loved helping organise it and it was great to get to hear from both international and local speakers

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