The Year in Review: Amanda Wilson

2011 was a fairly challenging year for MediaWorks, with management restructures, debt problems and tax bills. But there were plenty of positives too, with the new dual-channel approach that saw TV3 trying to snatch away some of TVNZ’s wrinklier viewers and FOUR becoming a mainstream entertainment channel seemingly starting to pay dividends. Amanda Wilson, head of marketing at TV3 and FOUR, lets her opinions on 2011 be known. 1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours: Youtube VideoThe more I watch it the more I like that NZTA Ghost Chips spot. The tone is great, the lines, casting and even the music. Legend, quite literally. But, in terms of a full campaign, it has to be Steinlager’s White Can. Every part of that campaign was clever; the billboards were simple and strong and the spot was brilliant and nostalgic. On the night of the final I really took notice of people posting pics of their white can on Facebook. That really stood out to me as a way of showing how New Zealand had bought into the story and you would have to be pretty happy with that kind of buy in. Loved it.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours: I was really happy with FOUR’s – Home of Not Rugby. It won Promax Gold for Outstanding Marketing Initiative, so that was an unexpected and very welcome outcome.

3) Least favourite campaign: Youtube VideoI was part of the camp who felt Rico and the like confused the Air New Zealand brand, regardless of the viral success. I really like the brand and hold it in extremely high regard, so I wasn’t sad to see Rico go. That campaign didn’t feel as classy as the brand is to me.

4) Best brand: In my humble opinion, Steinlager has probably had the most positive reception as a brand thanks to the aforementioned White Can idea. Consistent layering and a strong, engaging story. I would say that brand is in pretty good health at the moment. Relatively randomly perhaps, I think Barkers is doing some nice stuff too. It’s POS is good, as is the magazine they put out recently, the work with Little Brother, and the All Blacks. I don’t wear Barkers myself obviously (not since the trackpants were cool in the 90s), but I notice the brand.

5) Best stoush: Mihingarangi Forbes vs Alasdair Thompson made for some great telly.

6) Heroes: Christchurch unearthed loads of local heroes, and for me, watching our 3 News team around February 22nd was pretty humbling and put my own contribution to the world in perspective.

7) Villains: The Rena Crew – talk about nightmare visitors.

8) Most memorable marketing moment: The RWC provided us with a heap of marketing moments, particularly Adidas and Telecom, one after the other. These are pretty fascinating case studies and examples of how strong an opinion consumers can have on marketing (and what the results of strong public opinion can be). Given we were about to launch a Not Rugby campaign, we were paying pretty close attention. I felt for those marketing departments.

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