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Every week, Kiwi FM’s breakfast show host Glenn ‘Wammo’ Williams checks in with The Adshow’s reporter/researcher Simon Pound via Skype to find out about the ads, issues, trends and humans (both local and international) that have recently been tickling his various advertising fancies. The pair already mix radio, video and the interweb, and now we’ve got some good old fashioned words to complete the multi-media circle. So StopPress readers, meet the weekly adstravaganza we like to call The Wammo, Pound and Mash Ad Roundup. This week, the burgeoning realm of branded content.

The excellent example from shoemaker Palladium Boots tells a brand story of exploration, but that’s the only brand condition for this engrossing and well-made story about pirate radio in Britain. Others in the series look at cities where their markets might be found or aspire to be.

This kind of branded content that people choose to share, engage with and seek out now makes more sense than traditional interruption-based marketing, where advertisers interrupt content people love with unsolicited messages. This branded content isn’t a new idea, however. The term soap opera refers to the early days of radio when radio dramas were brought to listeners by soaps like Palmolive and presented by them in this same manner. In some ways, it seems as though we’re heading back to the future through technological advances because the lower costs of video production and dissemination are allowing a lot of cool video content to be made and spread. So expect more if it.

On a local tip, one man trying to ensure this happens is David MacGregor, who has started an online community called BrandView to spark these conversations. And another local producer doing cool stuff in this field is Movement Media. The opportunities this offers for making cool niche content is the exact reason I became interested in creative advertising.

Another area covered in this piece is the Chip Shop Awards, creative awards for creative advertising that may not have actually existed – and in many cases should not exist. And we also talk about a lovely example of a less than traditional bit of content that’s also a great product demonstration in this Sony ad.

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