Superheroes save Earth from imminent peril, win Bolly Award

Shift Wellington has taken out the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s latest Bolly Award for Plunket’s www.superheroes.co.nz, a snazzy, good-lookin’ and “really well-thought out idea” that allows users both young and old to customise their own uber-hero, share it with friends and even buy superhero paraphernalia. 

The aim of the awards (which are supported by Champagne Bollinger and MediaCore, don’t you know) is to celebrate the best digital creative in the country and this instalment’s esteemed judging panel consisted of Aaron Goldring, deputy creative director at Tribal DDB, Andy Blood, partner/group executive creative director of The TBWA\ Group, John Madden, creative director of The Digital Agency and Spitfire, Josh Lancaster and Jamie Hitchcock from Josh & Jamie and Tony Gardner, general manager of Saatchi & Saatchi DGS.

Aaron Goldring says it was a great piece of creative, with the website offering multiple levels of engagement and a smart friend get friend mechanic.

“The art direction stands out with some good use of animation. Nice work.”

And Josh & Jamie said it was fun, warm and magical.

“Engaging for kids and parents with the capacity to create custom superheroes to share (an uploaded headshot is customised and downloaded as a superhero comic book cover). The same avatar outfits (branded undies, capes, masks and gloves) are also available as merchandise, which you buy with real money (a nice way to package up a donation). Crayoned graphics and buttons complete what is a really well thought out idea.”

Want to savour the joy of digital victory? Well enter for the next round here.

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