The yodeling ad

While digital billboards and ad shells are slowly becoming more common in New Zealand, particularly in Auckland, we don’t yet have any that can see us and talk to us. But Graubünden Tourism does.

Passers-by were shocked and pleasantly surprised to be called out to by a friendly man in real-time whose face was on an ad in Zurich’s main train station in Switzerland.

He yelled out “Good morning!” and made pointed friendly comments at people so they would feel rude not to pay attention and have a chat.

The man also yodelled to passers-by and offered to print out tickets for people so they could come and have an “afternoon snack in Virin”.

Sure enough, soon the man wasn’t alone as the people who he had printed tickets for headed to where he was for the afternoon snack and they beckoned to other folk in the train station to come and join them.

Pretty clever! How could anyone resist a charming yodelling old man among some epic mountain ranges?

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