Creative desktruction

Ahhhhh, the desk. That thing many of us spend far too much time sitting at (and slowly dying). And that thing that has been completely transformed by the technological revolution of the past few decades, as a clip from the Harvard Innovation Lab produced by Best Reviews shows. 

The paperless office has long been discussed and has yet to be realised. But there’s no doubt that many of the apps and tools have made for plenty of on-screen consolidation. As the boffins explained on Designboom: “We wondered what it would be like to recreate the desktop from the 1980’s and then emulate its transformation through the computer age. We wanted to illustrate how technology has changed our world, un-cluttering our desks and simplifying our lives. While gradual change from year to year is often hard to perceive, a longer snapshot gives us a much more dramatic view of the technological progression we have experienced.”

It also shows that technological efficiency can also be quite austere and dull. Desks can be an extension of the person sitting at it (and, as research has shown, those with messy desks are more creative). Still, at least with all that extra space, businesses can invest a bit more in creative adornments for their offices to help up the productivity.  

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