The Year in Review: Daniel Barnes

Last year, Barnes Catmur and Friends finally ended Aussie dominance at the Campaign Asia Pacific Awards by becoming the first Kiwi agency to win the Australia/New Zealand Independent Agency of the Year category. In addition to this, the consistent indy team also won the Battle of the Ad Bands, showing that its creative streak also extends other disciplines. Given that the agency spent 2013 moving from strength to strength, it comes as no surprise that managing partner Daniel Barnes was positive, albeit laconic, in his assessment of the year.      

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Tui Beer plumbing

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Boundary Road’s “Honesty Box”

3) Least favourite campaign

Launch of Obamacare

4) Your own biggest success

I recently filed something where I could find it again.

5) Most impressive performance


6) Biggest move


7) Best innovation

Logic Pro X

8) Best brands

Google, John Lewis, Jay Z

9) Best stoush

Hell vs Pizza Hut, Lorde vs Miley, Krugman vs Fergusson.

10) Heroes

Paul Krugman

11) Villains

Francis Underwood

12) Most memorable marketing moment 

Toby takes the lie detector test live at the Effies.

13) A few predictions for 2014

Fake traffic is the new subprime.

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