Meridian proposes less spend on power bills and more spend on you

With winter around the corner and heaters creeping on, Meridian, with the help of Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu, is making its bid for your power bill through a series of online videos and audio ads.

Inpsired by the words of advertising innovator Howard Gossage: “Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them”, the campaign is designed to encourage people to switch to Meridian so they can spend less money on power and more on the things they enjoy. If the 15-second videos are anything to go by, that’s pets, make-up, gaming and electronics.

According to the release, the videos have collectively racked up over 645,000 views with a view-through rate of 92 percent. It will continue until the company refreshes its creative later in the year.

The move to roll out a campaign in April is fitting with Nielsen’s advertising spend figures by electricity suppliers, which show spend grows in the build up to winter to peak in May and June before dropping again. It makes sense as the higher bills in winter spark a switch.

Source: Nielsen. Spend is based on rate card value.


BC&F Dentsu
Executive Creative Director: Paul Catmur
Executive Strategic Director: Daniel Barnes
General Manager: Luke Farmer
Account Director: Jordan Metcalfe
Head of Production: Phil Newman
Creative: Brad Stratton
Fish & Clips
Director: Dean Hewison
Producer: Tulsi Bramley

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