Memes calm housing frustrations

The property market’s a hot topic in the news, and the New Zealand Herald is quick to jump on any movement in Auckland. However, one theme of story has been particularly frustrating to many of the city’s 20-somethings, as the publication’s been putting young homeowners on a pedestal by covering how they’ve managed to buy a house.

And while they’ve achieved something many of their peers consider to be impossible and worked hard to do it, in a number of the stories, some of the funds has been provided by their parents.

Labour’s housing spokesperson told the Herald: “I take my hat off to people like these in the story who have obviously been disciplined, focused, hard-working and good on them. Of course, it’s possible for some millennials to buy a home. It certainly helps if mum and dad can help with the mortgage or provide free accommodation while you’re saving but not everyone is that lucky.”

And for those who aren’t that lucky, their frustration came out in a Facebook page called: ‘My parents gave me 200k and all I have to show for it is a two bedroom unit’ that’s full of house buying related memes. It offers a place of comfort to those who have walked out of uni with a massive student loan and into a first job with a first job salary to match and no financial support from their parents to break into the property market. It’s even listed MyLotto.co.nz as its website to give fans some hope.

The memes express what 20-somethings are thinking when they read stories about their peers buying houses, including the inability to leave Auckland for a cheaper market and coming to terms with being a lifelong renter in mouldy homes, while also poking fun at the Herald for its coverage of young homeowners.

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