Yahoo! helps shoppers find better prices

Yahoo! NZ and PriceMe are combining forces this Christmas to launch a new comparison shopping service. The co-branded Yahoo! PriceMe site goes live on December 1 and can be accessed at deals.yahoo.co.nz or via Yahoo! NZ.

The partnership brings together Yahoo! NZ’s multimillion audience with PriceMe’s comprehensive range of products and reviews in the hopes of pushing retail sales in a tight market in the pre-Christmas rush.

It will enable them to offer exclusive deals and product offerings, Yahoo! NZ general manager Laura Maxwell-Hansen said.

“Research shows 55 percent of online shoppers are influenced by comparison shopping sites, of which PriceMe is by far the best in NZ,” she said.

“By integrating PriceMe with reviews and relevant product placement on Yahoo! NZ, we will become one of the most exciting online shopping destinations in New Zealand.”

She said the company was committed to making the site the ‘go-to site’ for deals and comparison shopping.

PriceMe director Chris Palmer said Kiwi retailers welcomed the move as it would help them increase sales and their online profile.

“Yahoo! NZ, which is the country’s largest digital media company, receives more than six million unique visitors per month. This means retailers of the thousands of products featured on PriceMe will now have direct access to this large and product-savvy audience. It’s a great win win for consumers and retailers,” he says.

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