‘The world’s first Instagram made of chocolate’

Whittaker’s is one of the most loved Kiwi brands on Facebook, with almost 500,000 fans—and a knack for launching new products directly to them. It’s hoping to replicate that success on Instagram. And to launch its account, it appears to have invited the chocolate whisperer back into its midst.

Hello Chocolate Lovers. Welcome to the World’s first Instagram made of chocolate.

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While it’s always risky pulling out a ‘world first’, the company does have a long history of getting creative with its products. Last year, Whittaker’s and its agency Assignment Group put a few Sante Bars to good use when it filmed artist Ro Tierney whipping up a portrait of JH Whittaker. 

And while both artworks are impressive, it’s hard to compete with the chocolate website that Whittaker’s built back in 2011. 

More recently, Whittaker’s and its agency Assignment Group also put its products on the paddock to create highlights reels for Rugby World Cup games

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