Upper class code

Sick of tossing around that crusty old Gilbert? Feel like you deserve the best in life? Want to celebrate an All Blacks victory with that special something? Then you need some Chanel rugby balls.  

As the old quote goes, rugby is a game for hooligans played by gentlemen, and the noble nature of the game seems to appeal to premium brands such as Land Rover and Bulgari. Chanel has dabbled in exclusive sports equipment before, and it’s tried to catch a ride on the Rugby World Cup attention train by launching the ‘commemorative’ four ball set. 

The price for the leather balls is available on request, which means it’s bound to be pretty big. Oh, and you’d better be quick, because Mr Lagerfeld is only making four of them. No doubt the overpaid French or the private schooled English will be keen. Or maybe Richie needs to decorate his Versatile

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