Words collide: Digital Art Live and Auckland Writers Festival remix Kiwi poetry

Increasingly, the worlds of art and technology—and commerce and technology—are colliding. Digital Art Live, a collaboration between CoLab and The Edge, is bringing that fusion into the real world and its upcoming exhibition Cut and Paste features a collaboration between digital artist Jenna Gavin and the Auckland Writers Festival. 

As the website says: “Using the metaphor of a scrapbook, this interactive work invites the audience to select words from New Zealand poems [from a big range of different poets]. These words become a trigger for a digital poetry lexicon, creating a brand new poem that will appear on the screen. The underlying message of this artist’s work is that new concepts stem from existing ideas and this is the nature of creativity.”

Gavin, who is currently undertaking a masters in Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology, creates playful interactions with language, data and form and her strength lies in crafting unique user experiences through code and objects. Her eight-player game ‘Word Wars’ has been played at the Auckland Art Gallery, the Semi-Permanent Research Lab and the Pop-Up Indie Games Arcade. And in 2013, she co-organised Rabble Room, a social play space showcasing multiplayer arcade games. 

​Digital Art Live, which was launched in April 2011 with Stuart Foster’s Chrip, aims to showcase local and international digital artworks in a unique interactive space (Level 2 of the Aotea Centre in Auckland’s CBD, the interface is made up of 12 Samsung thin flat screens organised into a large composite measuring 4100mm x 1737mm).

“Our mission is to bring the world of creative technology into the public domain by providing a space that encourages interactivity, collaboration and experimentation … Our goal is to encourage these creative communities to develop their skills, collaborate with each other and find new ways or working. To help facilitate this process we will also be providing a series of talks and workshops as well as sending out call outs to interactive artists and developers to submit their work.”

Check out some of the previous projects below. 

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